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Swing Arm Gate

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The Crisp Swing Arm Gate is a simple, rugged design based on the traditional swing gate configuration. All the important features of the traditional swing gate - ease of manual operation and simple design - have been retained and upgraded to U.S. Department of State crash standards. A single Swing Arm Gate consists of a superpost with high strength hinges, a beam assembly, and a superpost with a high strength catching mechanism. For long spans or split traffic situations two single gates can be combined with a removable center catching superpost. The catching mechanism is passive - no operator action is required to catch the beam and provide crash protection. The Swing Arm Gate can be provided in varying clear span lengths and crash ratings. Positive locking mechanisms can be provided that allow the Swing Arm Gate to be locked in the closed position. With an operator it can be fully integrated with optional equipment - warning lights, audible alarms, traffic loops, vehicle sensors, and card readers. Finish options include galvanizing, epoxy paint, or powder coat.


The Crisp Swing Arm Gate is designed to meet all U.S. Department of State crash standards including K12 (15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph).


The Swing Arm Gate is suitable for installation in most situations that require a crash-rated gate. Adequate clearance must be provided for the arm to swing horizontally. It's aesthetically pleasing configuration makes it exceptionally well suited for large parking areas.


Installation of the Swing Arm Gate involves excavation for the superposts, setting and aligning the gate components, placement of concrete, and attaching the operator (if provided). Gate installation is in accordance with detailed drawings and instructions provided with the unit. Operator installation is in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.


The Swing Arm Gate can be operated either manually or by an operator. The hinges, low friction bearings, and overall balance of the beam provides for easy manual operation. Operator controls can be from a local push button station or integrated with optional sensing and access control equipment.


The Swing Arm Gate is constructed using heavy duty, commercial components. Minimal maintenance is required. It has few moving parts and is designed for long-lasting wear with minimal repair and parts replacement. It can be completely disassembled and reassembled onsite if needed. Gate maintenance consists of periodic visual inspection and hinge lubrication. Operator maintenance is in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. All components of the gate and operator are readily accessible for maintenance and are off-the-shelf items. Maintenance and service contracts are available if desired.


Each Swing Arm Gate is provided with an Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual containing:
• Technical Specification
• Detailed Swing Arm Gate installation drawings and instructions for each specific unit
• Operator Installation, Operation and Maintenance (if operator is provided)
• Crash Rating Certification
• Warranty
• Spare parts list


• Timely response to customer inquiries
• On-site installation oversight, if desired
• On-site maintenance and troubleshooting assistance, if desired
• Spare parts
• Maintenance and service contract, if desired
• Highly qualified support personnel who hold government clearances
• Training of customer maintenance and security personnel, if desired
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